Dusk Realm (黄昏世界, Dasuku Rerumu; lit. Twilight World) is an alternate world found near the Wonder Hole. One of its unique traits is its perpetual state in twilight.




It looks like all inhabitants of the Dusk Realm have only one eye.

Cult Members

  • They wear long white cloaks that cover their entire body. The material is a kind of light, flexible armor that is highly resistant to blades but not as much to bludgeoning damage from blunt weapons.
  • Normal cult members wield spears but there are a few that use a sword and shield. The sword and shield users are incredibly skilled and the sword appears to be magical as it delivers an electric shock to enemies when it hits them.
  • Volunteer soldiers have taken to calling the spear wielders Pansuke and the sword wielders Tori-san.

White Giants

  • Incredibly tough but are vulnerable in their single eye and at the nape of their neck.


Wild Dogs

Hair-less Apes


  • Any magic granted by the gods of Grimgar does not appear to work. This is the light magic of Priests and the dark magic of Dread Knights.

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