Forgan (フォルガン, Forugan) is an unorthodox group located in the Thousand Valley led by Jumbo. Translates from the orc language as the "Black Eagle Band". Its members consist of various races ranging from orcs, goblins, undeads and so forth. Forgan has operated in many different frontier regions of Grimgar. They been in many battles, some even big enough to be called wars. Once fought an army from the Kingdom of Vangish that far outnumbered their own but won decisively.


  • Jumbo (leader)
    • Forgan's charismatic leader. He is an orc who was raised by a human, thus can think and speak like a human.
  • Arnold
    • An undead with four arms. He is Forgan's strongest fighter. Like Jumbo, he is quiet.
  • Onsa
    • A goblin who can command many animals.
  • Ranta
    • A human Dread Knight. Ranta joined to save his and Merry's life.
  • Godo Agaja
    • A huge orc who is described to be to big to be an orc. He is very loyal to Jumbo and tries to imitate him.