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Team Haruhiro

Team Haruhiro is a six member party. Initially led by Manato prior to his death, leadership was then given to Haruhiro thereafter. Due to their long duration spent at Damroww, they were sneered by Volunteer Soldiers as the Goblin Slayers. Initially at rookie level, they have shown great improvements with some of their members scouted by other groups only to reject the offers as they prefer to be in Team Haruhiro. Their main fighting style utilize teamwork to defeat stronger opponents.

In volume 4, Haruhiro's group is asked by Souma himself to join his Day Breakers clan, of which Haruhiro accepts. Team Haruhiro has then been attracting other strong and famous volunteer soldiers (though low key), especially their leader, Haruhiro. In volume 5, they've been working together with Team Tokimune until their separation to Darunggar.

Not only are they one of the few to discover Dusk Realm (alongside the Tokkis), but they are also one of the first to return back from Darunggar.



  • Thief; scout, support and attacker; leader (second) and tactician

He constantly doubts himself as leader and is well aware of his inferior skills compared to many other experienced reservist soldiers. Despite his lack in confidence, Haruhiro displays good observation skills and gives instructions during combat. He is usually paired with Ranta and Yume when battling an opponent, but has amazing teamwork with the former. He takes the tsukkomi role when bickering with Ranta.


  • Mage; support and attacker; second-in-command

Initially a supporter with her shadow magic, she begins to learn lightning spells to directly attack targets. Her reason for being more involved in battles stem from Moguzo's death and decides to partially fill in his absence on assaulting enemies. Shihoru becomes a deadly combo with Tokkis' Mimori by blending with her fire spells. After receiving advice from Gohho, she begins to formulate her own methods in shadow magic by using its roots. Through Haruhiro's judgement, she becomes second-in-command to the team during his absence.


  • Hunter; support and attacker

She is the positive mood-maker within the group. Besides Haruhiro, Yume also scouts for recon and is often relied by him for her keen eyesight.

Ranta (unconfirmed)

  • Dread Knight; attacker

Originally supposed to take the role as tanker, he becomes a Dread Knight instead. Regardless of his brashness, he is surprisingly perceptive of his members. He calls Haruhiro 'Parupiro' from time to time and is the boke in their squabbles.


  • Ranta's summoned demon; mascot

As a Dread Knight, Ranta can summon a demon that obeys his commands, unfortunately Zodiac rarely does so and is most often crude to him and the others. Despite not being an official member of the group, Zodiac is considered the team's mascot. Zodiac gets stronger as Ranta collects more vices


  • Priest; healer

Originally from Michiki's, but after the death of her three members, she jumped from party to party and eventually ends up with Haruhiro's group. At first she is cold towards them but eventually they warmed up towards each other. She is grateful to be accepted into the team. She replaces Manato, the team's first and former priest. 


  • Paladin; main tank

Originally from Choko's party, Kuzaku is the newest recruit after Operation Twin-Headed Snake. Though he was rejected twice to join team Haruhiro, Kuzaku perseveres to be a part of them when he reveals how their efforts during the orc raid inspired him. He was mainly part of the sidelines in his former team, thus did not have much experience in combat prior to joining Haruhiro's group. It was only from Ranta's harsh criticism did Kuzaku began taking his role as tanker more seriously with vigor.

Former Members


  • Priest; healer; leader (first); deceased

Manato was the group's first leader. He also was the group`s former priest. He tried to help his mates until the very end.


  • Warrior; main tank; deceased

Despite his kind and soft-spoken demeanor, he shows aggressive skills as a Warrior as he was able to split an orc's head in two; Kajiko regarded him as a talented Warrior who may have became known if he had survived.