Various creatures such as Gobilns, Kobolds and many more live in Grimgar.



  • Live in the Arabakia Kingdom which is located south of the Tenryu Mountains. Have started to move north of the Tenryus in what is called the "frontier."


  • Small ugly creatures that are 100-140cm tall. Tend to have green skin with pointed ears. They try not to engage in battle in which they are at a disadvantage, so they prefer to act in groups. Goblins have formed a kingdom that possesses a royal bloodline. They also breed very fast as they give birth in litters, have a gestation period of three months, and mature quickly. Goblins carry a bag with them known as a goblin pouch. They carry valuable items in these pouches that when decorated are worth good money. The more valuable items a goblin has the more they wear expensive items which makes them a target.


  • Hobgoblins are a subrace of goblins that are not as common as regular goblins. While they share a similar appearance to goblins they are much larger being closer to a human in size. They are fiercer, stronger, but less intelligent than goblins. Goblins also sometimes tame hobgoblins turning them into slave warriors. Goblins look down on hobgoblins for being taller than they are. There are intelligent hobgoblins that consider goblins their enemies and have formed a tribal society. High ranking goblins tend to have a hobgoblin guard to protect them.





  • Live in the Shadow Forest. Have an alliance with the Frontier Army that secures the sole fortified stronghold in the frontier.


  • Live in the Black Gold Mountain Range. Have an alliance with the Frontier Army that secures the sole fortified stronghold in the frontier.


  • Live in the Quickwind Plains. Have an alliance with the Frontier Army that secures the sole fortified stronghold in the frontier.



  • A designation for different species of small humanoids that live in The Wonder Hole. The demi-humans are the first barrier of the Wonder Hole and inhabit the entrance area. They prey on merluks, other demi-human factions, and weak Volunteer soldiers. Duergars, Bogies, and Spriggans are enemies and attack each other on sight.
  • Duergar
    • Short, humanoids that wield clubs. They are squat, big-nosed, and round like. Duergars are around 120 cm tall and wore shabby one-piece outfits with no shoes. The clubs they wielded were as big as they were.
  • Bogies
    • Short monkey-like individuals that are quick, agile, and springy. Bogies are shorter than Duergars but faster than they are. They are hairy but do not possess tails. They use their long arms and claws as weapons. Can leap 2-3 meters into the air.
  • Spriggans
    • They have jet black skin and look like emaciated children. Spriggans possess valuable gem-like eyes. In combat they wield see-through knives.


  • Live in the Quickwinds Plain.


  • Ustrels inhabit the Wonder Hole and the muryans flee on sight of them. They are around two and a half meters tall, wear a large dark cloak, and wield a huge naginata with great skill. One noticeable feature of an ustrel is that there skull is in fact made of metal. Their arms and legs can also extend as if they are on springs allowing ustrels to either lengthen their reach or jump fairly high. While fighting them gives volunteer soldiers great experience it does not give them much money.

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