Jesse Smith (ジェシー・スミス, Jeshī Sumisu) is a mysterious man who lives near Thousand Valley and manages Jesse Land. He may know the truth of the world of Grimgar and the origins of reservist soldiers.


Facial hair; blond hair with blue eyes.



Level. 10 A Love Song That'll Never Reach


Jesse is an unorthodox fighter who, not only is skilled in close combat, but is also capable of magic.




  • "You're quite the interesting one."
  • "You've got quite an amazing body... Showing more skin would be even better, don't you think?"


  • Though unconfirmed, Jesse may have been the reservist soldier introduced in volume 10's prologue who was revived by an unknown female. During the soldier's last moments, he remembered his previous life as a foreigner in Japan who was interested in anime and manga.


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