Kurou (クロウ, Kurō) is a member of team Typhoon Rocks and is a part of Souma's Day Breakers clan.


He sports a goatee and wears a knitted cap and a fur lined coat.


At times he may be sarcastic and teasing but tends to aid his kouhais during combat. He is a humorous man who takes a liking to Yume's antiques, going so far in asking his teammates to 'keep her' as a pet.


Level 8


As a Warrior Hunter, his skills with the bow are top-notch. He is a formidable archer with both accuracy, speed, and power. Along with quiet footing, he uses the surroundings to his advantage and hides his presence to shoot his opponents with surprise attacks. He barely makes any noise while moving.







Team Haruhiro



  • "Sure; ask away. But you know, I can't guarantee that my answer may be a lie or not."
  • "Uwahaa! Seriously, you're amusing! I've no clue what you're saying! But heck, aren't you adorable! Kinda like a small animal or something."
  • "Uhahaa! What's up with you; were you raised on your own? Uhahahahaa!... Hey Moyugi, Kajita, can I keep her?"'
  • "For using me like that; what a cheeky guy."
  • "Haruhiro. The good news or the bad news, which do you want to hear first?... The good news isーthere are no good news."


  • He doesn't prefer young girls as his type.
  • Kurou has been a volunteer soldier for over 10 years.


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