Kurou (クロウ, Kurō) is a member of team Typhoon Rocks.


He sports a goatee and wears a knitted cap.


At times he may be sarcastic and teasing but tends to aid his kouhais during combat. He is a humorous man who takes a liking to Yume's antiques, going so far in asking his teammates to 'keep her' as a pet.


Level 8


As a Warrior Hunter, his skills with the bow are top-notch. He is a formidable archer with both accuracy and power. Along with quiet footing, he uses the surroundings to his advantage and hides his presence to shoot his opponents with surprise attacks.









  • "Sure; ask away. But you know, I can't guarantee that my answer may be a lie or not."
  • "Uwahaa! Seriously, you're amusing! I've no clue what you're saying! But heck, aren't you adorable! Kinda like a small animal or something."
  • "Uhahaa! What's up with you; were you raised on your own? Uhahahahaa!... Hey Moyugi, Kajita, can I keep her?"'
  • "For using me like that; what a cheeky guy."
  • "Haruhiro. The good news or the bad news, which do you want to hear first?... The good news isーthere are no good news."


  • He doesn't prefer young girls as his type.


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