Kuzuoka (クズオカ, Kuzuoka) is a Crimson Moon Hunter and leader of his own party. He is disliked for his devious and mocking personality.


He is known as a dishonest person and tends to ridicule people out of fun; after 'recruiting' Moguzo into his team, Kuzuoka takes his money as his own and leaves him out in the streets of Altana. He is often disrespectful and mocks others as shown when he continuously calls Haruhiro's team as 'the Goblin Slayers' and the Tokkis as 'the Laughing Stocks'.

Though he has ill intentions, Kuzuoka is not entirely bold as he would back out from fights that he knows will lose in.


His attire is completely made of leather and dons a feathered cap. He slings his bow and quiver on his back.

He is described to have eyes like a sly fox.


Though his fighting skills are yet to be shown, Kuzuoka is weaker than Tokimune as he backs away from the Paladin's invite for a fight.


  • Though the light novel doesn't describe why Kuzuoka left Moguzo out in the streets, the manga describes his reason was because Moguzo was weak, thus he tossed him out of his team.

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