level. 10: A Love Song That'll Never Reach (ラブソングは届かない, Rabusongu wa Todokanai) is the tenth volume of the Hai to Gensō no Grimgar light novel series. It was published on March 25, 2017.


Living in this world that resembles a game, I'll continue surviving another day――.

As a Reservist Soldier takes a major wound, his life nearly comes to an end in the mountains.

On the verge of death, he then remembers. The remnants of the original world. Doubt begins to surface.

――What is this so-called Grimgar world?

On the other hand, as Haruhiro's group pass through Thousand Valley and head east towards Altana, they are under attack by huge monkey-like gorilla monsters by the forest road. They now struggle against the Gorilla pack led by their leader named Redback.

Barely shaking off their pursuers, they escape to the village where the orcs failed to hide but hidden away...


  • Chapter 0: The World
  • Chapter 1: The Preys' Hidden Spirit
  • Chapter 2: Don't Bite
  • Chapter 3: Snuggling Up
  • Chapter 4: Greetings Etiquette
  • Chapter 5: Give-and-Take
  • Chapter 6: A March of Happiness
  • Chapter 7: Never Return
  • Chapter 8: Is the Past Coming After You?
  • Chapter 9: Why Did You?



  • Volume 10 is the first in the Grimgar series to have a sneak peek notice for the following volume.


Grimgar Characters
Haruhiro's Haruhiro, Mary, Yume, Shihoru, Kuzaku, Ranta?, Moguzo, Manato
Renji's Renji, Ron Chibi, Sassa, Adachi
Tokkis Tokimune, Inui, Tada, Mimori, Anna-san, Kikkawa
Souma's Souma, Kemuri, Shima, Pingo, Lilia, Zenmai, Nino
Typhoon Rocks Rock, Kajita, Moyugi, Kurou, Sakanami, Tsuga
Team Akira Akira, Branken, Gohho, Miho, Kayo, Tallow
Michiki's Michiki, Ogg, Mutsumi, Hayashi±, Mary±
Iron Knuckles Max, Aidan
Berserkers Dakki
Wild Angels Kajiko, Kikuno
Others Hiyomu, Brittany, Choko, Honen, Kimura, Kuzuoka, Yorozu, Undying King
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