level. 12: There Begins a Legend of an Island and a Dragon (それはある島と竜を巡る伝説の始まり Sore wa aru shima to ryū wo meguru densetsu no hajimari) is the twelfth volume of the Hai to Gensō no Grimgar light novel series. Originally set to be released on December 25, 2017, its publication date was pushed for March 25, 2018 for unknown reasons; the title was only revealed in February.


The east. The east. Towards the east――.

Believing it is the fastest route leading to Alterna, Haruhiro and his party decide to head towards the sea. But first they must bypass the mountainous valleys of enemy territory. As difficult as the journey sounds to be, they must also care for Mary.

Overcoming a series of accidents, fear and distress, they finally chance upon a beach. And a grounded ship. Their encounter with the mysterious pirate Momohina leads Haruhiro and his comrades to the Emerald Islands.

But just when luck would have it, the land of pirates is under siege by dragons!


  • Chapter 1: Why Enter a Cave?
  • Chapter 2: Flames Wavering in Confusion
  • Chapter 3: Demon of the Night
  • Chapter 4: Even as a Fox, at Least Act Like a Gentleman
  • Chapter 5: Youth, Strength, and Guts
  • Chapter 6: Calcium
  • Chapter 7: Gems and Skulls
  • Chapter 8: The Mood is an Important Vibe
  • Chapter 9: A Beach's Sunset
  • Chapter 10: A Cold Wind
  • Chapter 11: Bare Your Body and Soul
  • Chapter 12: Men Who Possess It
  • Chapter 13: An Ugly Last Resort
  • Chapter 14: Not Even the Finale Will End
  • Chapter 15: Negotiator
  • Chapter 16: Those Who Fall
  • Chapter 17: Raise the Anchor




Grimgar Characters
Haruhiro's Haruhiro, Mary, Yume, Shihoru, Kuzaku, Ranta?, Moguzo, Manato
Renji's Renji, Ron Chibi, Sassa, Adachi
Tokkis Tokimune, Inui, Tada, Mimori, Anna-san, Kikkawa
Souma's Souma, Kemuri, Shima, Pingo, Lilia Sturm, Zenmai, Nino
Typhoon Rocks Rock, Kajita, Moyugi, Kurou, Sakanami, Tsuga
Team Akira Akira, Branken, Gohho, Miho, Kayo, Tallow
Michiki's Michiki, Ogg, Mutsumi, Hayashi±, Mary±
Iron Knuckles Max, Aidan
Berserkers Dakki
Wild Angels Kajiko, Kikuno
Others Hiyomu, Brittany, Choko, Honen, Kimura, Kuzuoka, Yorozu, Undying King
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