level. 7: The Other Side of the Rainbow (彼方の虹, Kanata no Niji) is the 7th volume of Hai to Gensō no Grimgar light novel series. It was first published on December 25, 2015.


Team Haruhiro wanders through another world, to pinch the largest scale ever!?

Haruhiro's party, who escaped from Dusk Realm, in an attempt to go back to Grimgar, end up entering the World of Never-Ending Day. Not knowing where right or left are situated, don't even relying on the people, Haruhiro stood in the lead of his friends.

Fortunately, they found a village where the inhabitants of this different world are established, and could rest in safety for the time being. But, living in this Other World would bring a pile of problems. And even so, the greatest challenge, to find [the way to go back to Grimgar] still unsolved.

Do they can go back? Or, in the first place, do they want to go back? In fact, the place to [go back] wouldn't be a different place?

While embracing a torrent of feelings in their chests, Haruhiro's party members keep their search within this Other World.

Wandering through the ashes, they don't know what lies ahead…




Grimgar Characters
Haruhiro's Haruhiro, Mary, Yume, Shihoru, Kuzaku, Ranta?, Moguzo, Manato
Renji's Renji, Ron Chibi, Sassa, Adachi
Tokkis Tokimune, Inui, Tada, Mimori, Anna-san, Kikkawa
Souma's Souma, Kemuri, Shima, Pingo, Lilia, Zenmai, Nino
Typhoon Rocks Rock, Kajita, Moyugi, Kurou, Sakanami, Tsuga
Team Akira Akira, Branken, Gohho, Miho, Kayo, Tallow
Michiki's Michiki, Ogg, Mutsumi, Hayashi±, Mary±
Iron Knuckles Max, Aidan
Berserkers Dakki
Wild Angels Kajiko, Kikuno
Others Hiyomu, Brittany, Choko, Honen, Kimura, Kuzuoka, Yorozu, Undying King
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