Manato (マナト, Manato) was the original Priest and leader of Haruhiro's party. Afterwards, he is replaced by Haruhiro as party's leader and Mary as the party's Priest.


Manato ch
Manato was taller than Haruhiro, had pale skin, light brown hair and brown eyes. In battle, he wore a Priest Outfit that the Guild provided for him.


A very caring person and a responsible leader. Even until the bitter end he tried to help his friends.


Manato was a charismatic man, and was able to maintain a group of people who were left behind after the strong banded together. He was the one person everyone could talk to, and he always managed to offer the best advise.

On the 33rd day, the party was trying to develop their unique skills and everything seemed to some in the party's favor. During their mission of killing Boblins and Goblins Manato moved ahead of the group. Due to quick reflexes of Haruhiro, he managed to avoid an arrow fired by a rogue Goblin, and the group was ambushed. Carrying Haruhiro on his back, they fled the ruined town into the woods. Here he cured Haruhiro from the arrow wounds, before succumbing to his own. It was until he dropped from bloodloss that the others saw he had been running with an arrow plunged into his spine. He fell, unable to recover on his own. Uttering his last words "I'm counting on you now"- words Haruhiro failed to understand at the time.

Tending the wounds, they brought Manato to the Priest Hall, but by the time they arrived he had already passed from bloodloss, and the Head Priest told them there was nothing they could do but give him a proper burial. At at dusk, that same day, they cremated and spread the ashes of Manato.


  • Cure: A light spell that heals and binds small wounds but does not cause pain to fade.
  • Smash: The most basic of Priests self defense skills. Allows a Priest to hit with a massive amount of force using their staff. Which is very effective.


Volume 1

  • After his Priest training, Manato was given a hooded outfit with blue lines and a short staff.
  • He later bought a notebook and some pencils to create a map.








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  • Died on the 26th day of being in Grimgar.


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