Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash –level. 2– (灰と幻想のグリムガル –level.2–, Hai to Gensō no Gurimugaru –level.2–) is the second volume of the Hai to Gensō no Grimgar manga series. It was first published on March 22, 2016.


We need to keep forward if we want to live.

In order to survive in the unknown world of Grimgar, the team Haruhiro needed to keep hunting the goblins to earn their prizes. Still being Volunteer Soldiers, they became, little by little, more experienced. However, their leader, Manato, took a great fall to a giant goblin...

Before even accept the cruel reality, Haruhiro invites the 'pretty but cold-blooded' Mary to the team.

The "life-size" adventure, now, celebrates a turbulent progress.


  • level. 5: Don't Go
  • level. 6: Where to Turn Now?
  • level. 7: Apologies
  • level. 8: Aiming for the Top
  • level. 9: Her Reasons
  • level. 10: The Fine Line Between Innocence
  • level. 11: Our Offering to You


Grimgar Characters
Haruhiro's Haruhiro, Mary, Yume, Shihoru, Kuzaku, Ranta?, Moguzo, Manato
Renji's Renji, Ron Chibi, Sassa, Adachi
Tokkis Tokimune, Inui, Tada, Mimori, Anna-san, Kikkawa
Souma's Souma, Kemuri, Shima, Pingo, Lilia Sturm, Zenmai, Nino
Typhoon Rocks Rock, Kajita, Moyugi, Kurou, Sakanami, Tsuga
Team Akira Akira, Branken, Gohho, Miho, Kayo, Tallow
Michiki's Michiki, Ogg, Mutsumi, Hayashi±, Mary±
Iron Knuckles Max, Aidan
Berserkers Dakki
Wild Angels Kajiko, Kikuno
Others Hiyomu, Brittany, Choko, Honen, Kimura, Kuzuoka, Yorozu, Undying King
Level. 1 Whisper, Chant, Prayer, AwakenLevel. 2 Everything is PreciousLevel. 3 You Have to Accept That Things Won't Always Go Your WayLevel. 4 The Leaders and the LedLevel. 5 Hear Me Out, and Try Not to LaughLevel. 6 Towards a Glory Not Worth TakingLevel. 7 The Rainbow on the Other SideLevel. 8 And So, We Wait for TomorrowLevel. 9 Here Right Now, Far Into The DistanceLevel. 10 A Love Song That'll Never ReachLevel. 11 At That Moment I Dreamt of Our Separate Ways

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