Mimori (ミモリ, Mimori) is a Mage of Tokimune's party.





Mimori specializes in using fire spells. She originally was a warrior and still carries a sword that is sheathed in her staff. In close combat she uses a two-handed staff and sword style. Mimori's sword has elemental coating on it allowing her to cast spells and fight with a sword. Despite the process being expensive, Mimori treats it poorly.

  • Fireball: The most basic spell of Arve magic.The mage forms a ball of fire larger than a person's fist and fires it toward an enemy. Its incantation is "Delm hel en ig arve".
  • Fire Pillar: The strongest spell Mimori can cast. It forms a pillar of fire on the enemy. The pillar is smaller than Mimori is. Its incantation is "Delm hel en rig arve".
  • Blast: A powerful Arve spell. Beginning users are able to blast a hole in the ground 1.5 meters in diameter. When Mimori first learned the spell she could cast it 5 times before becoming exhausted. Its incantation is "Delm hel en balk zel arve".





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