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This article contains the various music used in Hai to Gensō no Grimgar anime adaptation.

(K)NoW_NAME is the band responsible for the soundtrack of Hai to Gensō no Grimgar anime adaptation. The band released two albums, Knew day and Harvest containing musics used in some episodes of the anime.


Knew day

Released on February 17, 2016. Contains the following songs:


Released on February 17, 2016. Contains the following songs:

  • 01 Harvest
  • 02 seeds
  • 03 rainy tone
  • 04 Harvest (instrumental)
  • 05 seeds (instrumental)
  • 06 rainy tone (instrumental)

Musics in Episodes

Musics used in episodes
Song Episode Time Played
Used in episode 2 after the party returned to town from their first killing. 13:25 to 17:26
Stand on the Ground
Used in episode 3 while Haruhiro's party showed their tactics to hunt goblins. 13:54 to 15:55
rainy tone
Used in episode 4 after Manato's death. 18:55 to 22:04
Used in episode 7 after the party had a serious talk with Mary. 14:29 to 20:11
Used in episode 8 when the party starts to pursue the goblins. 5:40 to 12:49
sun will rise
Used in episode 9 while Haruhiro was going to visit Mary. 6:03 to 10:20
Swelling of Buds
Used in episode 9 when Haruhiro asked Barbara to teach him a new skill. 18:06 to 21:24
Sudden Storm
Used in episode 11 while the party was trying to escape from the kobolds. 16:31 to 22:06

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