Shima (シマ, Shima) is a Shaman of Souma's party and member of the Day Breakers clan.


Described by Haruhiro as a gorgeous and sexy older girl.


Shima seems to enjoy teasing both her Party leader Souma and the younger members of the Day Breakers Clan Haruhiro's Party.


At the end of Volume 4 Souma's Party rescued Team Haruhiro. Shima healed their wounds and gave them advice in how to deal with the loss of comrades. She witnessed Souma inviting Haruhiro's Party to join the Day Breakers.


In addition to her old Thief skills, Shima is a Shaman and possesses healing magic that is different from a Priests.









  • "Oh, me. Oh, my. This is pretty bad. It's a good thing you're still alive."
  • "What are you apologizing for? You silly thing."
  • "It happens often," Shima said with a sad smile. "And you can't cry each and every time it does. But, deep in your heart as you may try to bury them, those lukewarm tears will seep out. Always and forever."


  • Is called "Big Sis" by other volunteer soldiers.


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