Souma (ソウマ, Sōma) is a Knight leader and creator of his own party, Souma's, and the Day Breakers clan. He is widely well-known among volunteer soldiers and citizens of Altana and is considered the strongest fighter within Crimson Moon.




He announces in Sherry's Tavern that his team has officially formed a clan called the Day Breakers. He continues that the main reason is because of the telltale signs on the Undying King's return and that his group resolves in defeating it. Admitting that even his group wouldn't be enough for the role, Souma asks the Crimson Moon members present to join in their campaign. Though Souma is telling the truth of confronting the Undying King, he keeps another unknown reason as to why he is after the enemy to himself.

Months later, he and his group rescues Haruhiro and his team in Wonder Hole. He becomes intrigued with Haruhiro and asks him to join his clan. After Haruhiro accepts his invite, Souma gives him a relic called a Receiver for communication. He then leaves with his group.

Sometime later he uses his own Receiver to contact all Day Breakers to participate in a large scale mission with other clans in Dusk Realm.












  • "Nino."
  • “We’ve decided to form a clan. Our goal is to invade the lands of the former kingdom of Ishmael, the domain of the undead...We’ve obtained information that the Undying King is showing signs of return to deathlessness once again. We intend to investigate this further, and if the Undying King has indeed returned, we will destroy him once more without hesitation. Of course, we don’t expect it to be easy, but we must find a way. We need strength. Strength in numbers. Power beyond just the six of us...Please, lend us your strength! Those who consider yourselves one of us, please join us!...From now on, we shall be known as the Day Breakers! Those who are valiant, those who are wise, those who are noble-hearted, and those who are dignified and resolute, join us! Do not fear death; defy it! We welcome all those who dare to seek life in its midst!”


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