Tallow (タロウ, Tarō) is a bishounen elf and a member of Akira's team.


He has complete trust in his adoptive parents, Gohho and Kayo, and absorbs everything they say; Tallow deeply cares for both them and he is the image of a filial son.


He has a youthful appearance with a beautiful face. He is as tall has Haruhiro, maybe a little bit taller. Very pale and possesses a stubborn look in his eyes.


As an elf, he is highly skilled with a bow and arrow.


Gohho His adoptive father. Due to Gohho's senior age, Tallow worries about his father's health the most and is willing to carry him on his back and shoulders whenever Gohho he feels exhausted.

Kayo His adoptive mother.



  • "It is a wonderful name; hydra. Sounds very cool. As expected from father, no less."
  • "This distance is fine. Probably... My father would often say, 'this world certainly does not have a one hundred percent outcome'... Not 'may be'. My father's words are absolute."
  • "I did hear you, however I chose not to answer you. My mother once told me that 'life is not long enough for you to waste time with idiots'."


  • J-Novel Translation has Tallow as Taro.


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