Team Akira is one of the Day Breaker Clan's party. One of the clan's goal is to investigate the Undying King's supposed return. The team is led by Akira which is named after him. Akira is one of the most powerful Crimson Moon soldiers and respected by many.


Akira (Leader)

  • Paladin; Tanker

He is widely well-known within the Crimson Moon force and is regarded by many as a living legend. Gohho has stated that in the past, Akira was only a normal albeit cowardly soldier without any outstanding accomplishments.


  • Tank

A dwarf in Akira's team. He wields a large axe.


  • Priest; Support and Healer

Though currently team Akira's Priest, as an ex-Mage, Gohho is a powerful spellcaster who uses spells unheard of from the Mages' Guild. Due to his old age, Gohho can only summon a few spells per day. He often combines his magic with Miho's, another mage in his team, creating a deadly mage combination. Gohho is Kayo's husband.


  • Mage; Support

Like Gohho, Miho is a powerful magic user who uses spells that are unheard of from the Mages' Guild. Her magic is depicted as aggressive and dangerous, preferring to torture punish her enemies. She sometimes team up with Gohho as a mage combination. Miho is Akira's lover.


  • Warrior; Tank

She is Gohho's wife.


  • Archer

An elf on Akira's team. He is the adopted filial son of Gohho and Kayo.

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