Until a calendar system is revealed in Grimgar, events will be labelled Before Arrival or After Arrival. Before Arrival for events that happened before Haruhiro's trainee group arrived in Grimgar and After Arrival for events that happened after Haruhiro's trainee group arrived in Grimgar.

Before Arrival

After Arrival

Volume 1

Day 1

  • 12 teenagers, 8 boys and 4 girls, wake up in a dark room with no idea how they got there or who they were beyond their names: Adachi, Chibi, Haruhiro, Kikkawa, Manato, Moguzo, Ranta, Renji, Ron, Sassa, Shihoru, and Yume.
  • The group soon learns that they are in a world called Grimgar and are guided to a town called Alterna. They are given the opportunity to join the Crimson Moon Volunteer Soldiers Company and earn 10 silver pieces each.
  • After the group accepts the offer they then split into parties with Ron, Adachi, Chibi, and Sassa going with Renji, Kikkawa going off on his own, Moguzo getting recruited, and Haruhiro, Ranta, Yume, Shihoru, and Manato forming a party together.

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