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Team Tokimune

The Tokkis is a six members party led by Tokimune. Due to the members' 'eccentric' personalities, some Volunteer Soldiers mockingly call them the Laughing Stocks. Despite their unusual behaviors, the majority of the members are strong fighters.

Since volume 5, they are indebted to Haruhiro and his team and are currently working with them. They are one of the few to discover Dusk Realm alongside Haruhiro's group. At one point in the past, Tokimune, Tada, and Inui met Akira's group.



  • Paladin; main tank; leader

Tokimune is the positive man of the group and always carry a bright smile, though he'd invite others for a fight. He battles with excitement. After the Tokkis are saved in Dusk Realm by Haruhiro's group, he is grateful of their help and is obligated to return the favor when needed.


  • Hunter (formerly Thief; formerly Warrior); tank and attacker

He is the strangest member amongst his peers and may often disappear somewhere. Mimori (positively) describes him as a 'cockroach' - someone who doesn't die easily. Besides being one of the original members of the group, Inui is the oldest by age.


  • Priest (formerly Warrior); attacker and healer

Though a Priest, he joins in battles and wields a heavy staff resembling a ball club. His skills as ex-Warrior allows him to inflict heavy damage to his opponents. Despite being somewhat egotistical and pick on fights, he cares deeply for his comrades. One of the original members.


  • Mage (formerly Warrior); support and attacker

As the group's spellcaster, Mimori uses fire attributes to aid her members. Being an ex-Warrior, she does fight in battle and carries a staff with a hidden sword. She creates a deadly combo with team Haruhiro's Shihoru by merging with her lightning spells. She finds the most absurd and strangest things as 'cute'.


  • Priest (formerly Mage); healer; mascot

Despite her small physique, she uses expletive language and is not afraid of saying obscene words. As the mascot of the group, she shouts out words of encouragement to her peers during fights. Often bickers with Kikkawa.


  • Warrior; tank

The newest member of the team. As the member with the happy-go-lucky personality, he talks lot and often bickers with Anna with glee. He is considered the party's lucky charm.


  • Though not entirely proven, the Tokkis were initially low on money prior to meeting team Haruhiro.


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Team Tokkis Tokimune      Tada      Inui      Mimori      Anna-san      Kikkawa

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