The Typhoon Rocks (颱風ロックス, Taifū Rokkusu) is a six-member party led by Rock and are a part of the Day Breakers clan. An incredibly strong team, they mainly fight individually with little coordination. Tsuga, the team's Priest, mentions that it is common for their teammates to be scattered and coincidentally meet again.



  • Warrior, leader

Despite his small physique, he is incredibly agile and strong. Proficient in boxing.


  • Warrior

A bald-headed Warrior who wears sunglasses and is shirtless with a jacket. Though quiet, he is ridiculously strong. Usually gives thumbs up.


  • Dread Knight

Member who wears glasses and surprisingly no armor or protection whatsoever. Self-proclaims to be the strongest Dread Knight, he is a strategist that dislikes people interrupting his fights.


  • Warrior

He has a goatee and wears a knit cap. Though Kurou is a Warrior, he mainly use his skills from his previous Hunter class. His main weapon is the bow with superb accuracy and power.


  • Thief

He is the most bizarre member in his party and usually speaks in an erratic manner when assailing his opponents.


  • Priest

Described (by Kuzaku) as an Ojizō-san lookalike with some hair. Unlike his peers, Tsuga has the most 'common sense'.

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