It seems Mages seem to specialize in a certain element. Shihoru with shadow magic, Adachi with ice, and the late Mutsumi used fire. I don't know how the mage system works when purchasing spells. Could a Mage purchase a high level elemental spell before learning the beginning low level spell? Is it a tiered or leveled system? You have to learn the beginning level spells before learning the higher ones in each elemental system? 

So should mages in Grimgar solely focus on one elemental spell system or should they learn a few spells in different elemental systems? There is a spell called Fire Wall which as the name suggests makes a large wall of fire. I can immediately see the benefits of that spell offensively and defensively. It can stop an enemy from retreating or block enemies from surrounding the party. So all and all it would be extremely useful to learn. Especially if you have the money to do so.

The first three shadow spells Shihoru learned most likely only cost a certain amount of silver coins. If the first three spells of each elemental system cost less than a gold piece then it makes since to me to learn the beginning level spells of different elemental systems for increased tactical effectiveness when you have the money to do so.

Those are my thoughts let me know if you agree or disagree. Should Mages specialize in only one elemental system or broaden their repitoire? 

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